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Q: Are You Receiving Bogus Government Emails?

A: Our KION Question came from Kevin in Soquel.

He wrote in saying, "I've Received a couple of emails claiming to be from Federal Agencies. For example the FDIC and FBI. There's no legitimate reason for me to be contacted by them. I'm a law abiding teenager with a basically average life. I feel that these agencies might want to know about these clearly bogus emails. Would you agree?

"Slutwalk" Coming to Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, Calif.- A series of protests called "Slutwalks" is sweeping North America after "a canadian cop" said women shouldn't dress like sluts, to avoid getting raped.

Women wearing racy clothing and shirts with the word "slut" printed on the front... plan on parading through Santa Cruz next Saturday.

It's scheduled from 12pm, downtown Santa Cruz.

Police: Parolee Lived With Woman's Body in Santa Cruz Apartment

Police: Parolee Lived With Woman's Body in Santa Cruz Apartment

SANTA CRUZ, Calif -- A strange smell led police to a parolee who was found living with the body of a 30-year-old woman in his apartment Tuesday night.

Police were at the scene overnight on the 1100 block of East Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz.  Several witnesses told Central Coast News that there was a bad and unusual smell coming 63-year-old John Clauer's apartment.

According to the apartment complex manager, the police knocked on the door of the upstairs apartment because of complaints about the smell.  The tenant allegedly told the police that the smell was coming from some rotting food.

Police went into the apartment and found the decomposing body of a 30-year-old woman.

Woman Embezzles Money from Hollister, Santa Cruz Without Cities Knowing


Attorneys say Belinda Exon ran a complicated, ponzi like scheme, making it almost impossible for people to realize money was missing.

"Were waiting to hear back from the US Attorney's Office to document what the funds were used for, and whether they were from the city of Santa Cruz," says Martin Bernall, City Manager for Santa Cruz.

Exon admitted taking $34,000 from the city.  But, "We don't have any documentation of that occurring," says Bernall.  "The activity occurred before any of our current staff worked on these programs."

So Central Coast News wanted to know how cities could stop this from happening again.  Exon ran Rehab Financial Services; a third party company that administered grants and held money in escrow to fix health and safety hazards in low-income housing.

Bernall said the city stopped using third party agencies like that years ago.

Santa Cruz Police Association Wants You to Join Their Network to Fight Crime

Santa Cruz Police Association Wants You to Join Their Network to Fight Crime

The Santa Cruz Police Officers Association is hoping that you will get invloved with fighting crime and take part in their community outreach program.

"Incidents of violent crime have become commonplace in our City and the Santa Cruz Police Officers Association wants to initiate better communication between our citizens and police officers so we can work together to prevent crime in our community," said Sergeant Mike Conner, President of the Santa Cruz Police Officers' Association.

Residents who sign-up to become a part of the Association's crime prevention network will receive a FREE "Friends of the Santa Cruz Police Officers Association" decal which can be placed on a vehicle, home or business window.

Each month, residents who sign up will receive, via email, updates on crime incidents in the Santa Cruz community, as well as informative tips on how to prevent crime in our neighborhoods.

The SCPOA will also provide emergency preparedness tips for cit

Police Warn of Phone and Internet Scams

 Over the past several weeks, frauds involving money wires and check cashing schemes have been reported to the Seaside Police Department. 

The following are examples of the most recent complaints:

1.  A telephone call from an unknown person stating a family member is incarcerated in Mexico.  The caller directs the victim to wire money to Mexico for bail.    

2.  An email requesting assistance in cashing a check.

Santa Cruz Manhunt Monday: April 4th, 2011

Santa Cruz Manhunt Monday: April 4th, 2011

Michael Montgomery is currently wanted for a felony parole violation warrant. Montgomery was on parole for a felony domestic abuse conviction. Police say that he is also a suspected East Side Santa Cruz gang member.

If you have any information that requires immediate attention or you can call the tip line at 420-5995.