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Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office ID's Teen Killed in Live Oak

LIVE OAK, Calif. -- Santa Cruz County sheriff's deputies spent hours processing three separate crime scenes connected with a homicide early Thursday, shutting down a busy roadway and re-directing traffic during the morning commute.

According to Lt. Craig Wilson, a shooting victim knocked on a door of the Emerald Bay Apartments at about 2:30 a.m. Thursday.  Wilson said the victim, identified as Nathan Connally, 19, was shot near Dover Drive and stumbled across the street to the apartment building.  Despite life-saving efforts, Connally died at the scene.

The Santa Cruz man reportedly had some troubles with the law.

Watsonville Standoff Suspects Had Cameras Surrounding Warehouse

Watsonville Standoff Suspects Had Cameras Surrounding Warehouse
By Jacqueline Tualla - email

WATSONVILLE - New information on a four-hour long standoff at a Watsonville warehouse on Tuesday.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputies are now saying the suspects had cameras surrounding the warehouse, watching the SWAT team's every move.

Officers and deputies ultimately stormed the building, making arrests.

Deputies said when they approached the building, they noticed there were small cameras around the perimeter of the roof.

They figured out the power source and shut the c

High Risk Police Training On the Heels of the Real Thing

By Brooke Holmquist - email

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.- A day after two major police incidents here on the Central Coast. Wednesday, early one hundred officers stormed the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

The SWAT training exercise came on the heels of a standoff in one city and a shootout in another.

Central Coast News was at the training and explains how the timing was just right.

SWAT trucks in the parking lot officers in SWAT gear at the iconic Giant Dipper.  It's not real, but if it were, 30 year sheriff Lt.

Guys Try to Steal Friend's Body from Santa Cruz Crematorium

By Kiki Jones

SANTA CRUZ, Calif- Two men were caught trying to retrieve the body of their deceased friend from a Santa Cruz crematorium Monday. The pair would not tell police why they were trying to get their friend's body but one can only imagine scenes from the movie "Weekend at Bernie's."

Around 11:30 Monday night police responded to a report of two men attempting to break into the crematorium. One of the suspects, Nicholas Canavarro, was trying to kick in the door to the crematorium, said police. Canavarro was arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary.

David Sada, who was not seen trying to break into the crematorium, was arrested for public intoxication.

Police spokesman Zach Friend said the suspects did not want to tell police why they were trying to steal their friends body.


Manhunt Monday 1/23/12

Manhunt Monday 1/23/12

Justin Paul Gorman is currently wanted on two outstanding warrants, felony possession of a controlled substance and possession for sales.

Call 911 with information that requires immediate attention.  Tip line: 420-5995 

Man Arrested For Gun Possession Also Connected To Auto Theft


Santa Cruz Sheriff Deputies Search for Suspect in Bomb Threat

Santa Cruz Sheriff Deputies Search for Suspect in Bomb Threat

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. -  Santa Cruz Sheriff Deputies are searching for a suspect in connection with a bomb threat early this morning at the PG & E office at 615 7th Street in Live Oak.

According to Sgt.